WTF Pussycat Planet

WTF is a mobile brand targeted for the youth. The concept of this campaign was to give the spot a Z movies look & feel.
Dialogue was part of the team that created and post produced this world where spaceships commanded by cats filled the skies of downtown Lisbon
and glorious explosions blasted everywhere.

WTF Varios-09WTF Varios-09


Production company: Playground
Director: Rui Vieira ( )
Dop: André Szankowski
Client: NOS / WTF
Agency: Havas

Post-production - Dialogue
Producer - César Furtado
Compositor - Nuno Caroço
Smoke Simulations - Tiago André Alves, David Negrão
Animation - David Negrão, Fernando Carmo, Tiago André Alves
Roto Artist - Igor Gama
Modelers - David Negrão, Tiago André Alves
Matte Painting - David Negrão, Nuno Caroço, César Furtado, Igor Gama