Missão Kanimambo

Mission Kanimambo brings awareness to the problem of albinos in Mozambique and the rest of the African continent. Their bones are believed to be sold to practitioners of traditional medicine for use in magical potions in the belief that they bring wealth and good luck. And this is a problem that keeps increasing in this day and age. So why not stretch them a hand and give them a little help? It’s easy! Just go to: www.facebook.com/MKanimambo


Script & Concept by: Dialogue
Produced & Directed by : Dialogue 
Art Direction: César Furtado
Design: César Furtado, Friedrich Detering, Ricardo Nilsson
Animation: Ricardo Nilsson, Fábio Costa, Friedrich Detering, Diogo Gomes
Voiceover: Wall Street Institute
Voice Recording: Trigital
Music: Razat Lab