Guaraná Antarctica

TV spot to promote Guaraná as the official sponsor of the Brazil World Cup squad.
Some “caipirinhas”, and late night “picanhas” helped us develop a colorful visual, rich on Brazilian references and samba flavors. 
As the Brazilian would say “valeu!”. Or, in other words, we had a blast of a time doing this spot!


Agency - Normajean
Production House - Gorilla Filmes
Direction - Paco
Art Direction & Animation- Dialogue
Producers: César Furtado
Designers: César Furtado, Friedrich Detering, Ricardo Nilsson
Animators: Ricardo Nilsson, Fernando Carmo, Cristiano Gonçalves
Cell Animation: Friedrich Detering, Fernando Carmo
Characters concepts: Fernando Carmo, Friedrich Detering
CG: Fernando Carmo, Ricardo Nilsson