Copa América Chile 2015

Copa América is one of the best-known soccer tournaments in the world. The 2015 event was held in Chile. Dialogue developed the broadcast ID transmitted around the globe. The “low poly” surfaces promote the journey of the soccer ball through Chile’s landmarks, until the main stage of the event.
And yes, we guessed it: Chile won!


Agency: Brandia Central
Direction - Dialogue
Art Direction & Animation – Dialogue
Producers: César Furtado
Animation Direction: César Furtado, Fernando Carmo
Compositing: Nuno Caroço
Rendering and Modeling: Tiago André Alves
Lightning: Paulo Barrelas, Tiago André Alves
Animation: Tiago André Alves, Fernando Carmo, Nuno Caroço
Edit: César Furtado
Additional Modeling: Hugo Silva, Pedro Duarte

Animations Copa América Chile 2015

During the year we developed some other projects to promote the Copa América Chile. Here is some of them.


Agency - Brandia Central
Production House - Dialogue & Bikini
Direction - Dialogue
Art Direction - Dialogue
 Animation- Dialogue & Bikini