Continente / Fome de Vencer

Continente is the Portuguese national soccer team’s official sponsor. Film director Augusto Fraga and post-production house Lightfilm approached us to produce some animation shots and to develop the look for the Euro Cup campaign featuring Portuguese top players (yes, Ronaldo is on it…). The brief was to deliver a traditional animation feel, with energy and color.


Art Direction & Animation- Dialogue
Producer: César Furtado
Cel Animation: Friedrich Detering, João Guapo, André Godinho
Designers: César Furtado, Friedrich Detering, João Guapo
Compositing: Nuno Caroço, André Godinho
Rotoscoping: Nuno Caroço
Agency - Fuel Lisboa
Production House - Krypton
Direction - Augusto Fraga
Post House - Light Film
VFX Artist - Ricardo Melo
VFX Coordinator - João Pinheiro