About us

Yes, you know what is coming. The usual profile. Clearly you have read some (or not!), and most of them have one thing in common: they state how the team loves what it does. Well, as different as we might be in other aspects of our business, that is not one of them – we do love what we do. 

We are a passionate group of people, ranging from illustrators to 3d artists, animators and designers that feel truly blessed for being part of this craft. 
Every day we strive for new challenges and ideas, always taking the medium and the client’s goals into consideration.
Dialogue goes “digital” as well as “traditional”, depending only on the final output that we want to bring to life.
However, and regardless of the path chosen, the final result always is one we firmly believe in. Our goal is to establish relationships and partnerships with our clients, and, in that way, to develop a great work. We cover the entire creative process from the first draft to final delivery.
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Direction & Art Direction
Styleframes design & illustration
Brand design
3d Modeling


To contact us please call, email or write to:

LX Factory - Rua Rodrigues Faria
103, Espaço 2.2b
1500 Lisboa,

Phone: +351 213 620 929 / +351 96 947 85 15

For new business enquiries please contact:

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